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Project 项目

禾少咖啡 The Second Coffee Brewers

Designer 设计方


Location 地点


Design Scope 设计范围

Interior Design 室内设计

Lead Designers 首席设计师

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

Design Team 设计团队

Wendi Zhao 赵文地 + Menghua Jia 贾梦华

Year 年份


Area 面积

102 m2

Photography 摄影

Brian Chua


The Second Coffee Brewers 禾少咖啡

Craft Coffee


The Second Coffee Brewery is a boutique coffee house that specializes in specialty coffee and brewing methods, including nitro coffee, cold brew and a wide range of other brew types. Inspired by the Client’s passion for coffee and enjoyment, “savor each second” is the spirit behind this café, for which we aimed to create an oasis of indulgence. A space that not only provide the guests with a relaxed atmosphere, but also enables the barista to work efficiently and provide a true craft experience for the guests.


A bright white façade with orange and wood accents make a prominent presence on the street. The coffee counter is strategically placed next to the window to encourage an interaction with the outdoor and allows passers-by to see the variety of coffee making processes. The take-away window makes it easy for customers to approach the coffee bar and order take-away. A unique site opportunity allowed a fully-operable facade on the other side, which can open to allow an exciting, dynamic seating space and blur the indoor/outdoor boundary.


The minimal color palette of white and wood in the interior evokes simplicity while freshness is added by mint green and orange tones. The terrazzo pattern on the center floor simulates a natural outdoor feeling, to promote the feeling of enjoying coffee outdoors. To reinforce the coffee craftsmanship, the interior too has specially crafted elements. From the booth seat design to special retail shelves and door handle details, small surprises are integrated throughout to maximize the café experience.