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Project 项目

Pie Bird

Designer 设计方


Location 地点

Shanghai Jing'an Kerry Center 上海静安嘉里中心

Design Scope 设计范围

Interior Designer 室内设计

Lead Designers 首席设计师

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

Design Team 设计团队

Cai Hua Zhang 张财华

Year 年份


Area 面积

120 m2

Photography 摄影

Brian Chua


Pie Bird @ Jing’An Kerry Center

American Style Pies

位于上海嘉里中心的这个项目是Pie Bird的第二家店,还是主要制作美式馅饼。第一家店的灵感源自美式复古风格,这家店则结合了美式复古风和传统美式餐厅的特色。

Pie Bird continues its success in American style pies with a second location in Jing’an Kerry Center, Shanghai. This time the tone of the store has taken a different direction. Where the first store was inspired by American vintage, this store is a combination of vintage elements and features loosely based on the traditional American diner.


As the site was an open space in the center of the mall, full walls were not allowed. To create privacy, a low ribbed wood wall was built to demarcate the perimeter and give the customer a sense of closure. Emphasis was focused on the vaulted ceiling by creating a strong ribbed gesture, which was inspired by the edge of traditional pie crust. The ceiling helps focus attention in the open space and provide comfort while being in the space.

位于馅饼主柜台的吧台区域借鉴了美式餐厅风格,这一风格欢迎顾客坐在柜台边,并与工作人员互动。圆形的设计让顾客可以坐在一起,并进行轻松的交谈。馅饼柜台的前面是一个定制的马赛克地板,装饰有引人注目的Pie Bird标志。

A bar area at the main pie counter is a reference to the American diner and invites customers to sit at the counter and interact with the staff. The circular shape encourages customers to sit together and allow easy conversation. A custom mosaic floor was created in front of the pie counter, which features an eye-catching graphic of the Pie Bird logo.