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项目 Project

Lotus Biscoff Shanghai Office

设计方 Designer


地点 Location

上海 Shanghai


室内设计 Interior Design

首席设计师 Lead Designers

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

设计团队 Design Team

Amy Yan

年份 Year


面积 Area

402 m2

摄影 Photographers

Brian Chua


Lotus Biscoff Office



‘Overall we want to create a lively and dynamic working environment that incorporates the brand’s DNA, with various types of working spaces for flexible working styles of young creatives nowadays.’

STUDIO DOHO受比利时著名饼干品牌Lotus Biscoff和情缤咖时委托,为品牌设计了全新的上海办公总部,将亚太办事处和中国办事处合并。

STUDIO DOHO has completed the new design of the Shanghai office for the famous Belgian biscuit brand Lotus Biscoff, combining its Asia-Pacific office and China office.

如何在新的办公空间中容纳两个不同的办事处,既有所区分同时保证紧密的交流和合作, 是设计中的主要考虑因素。

Accommodating two different offices in the new office space that can be differentiated while ensuring close communication and collaboration was a major consideration in the design.

改造前的空间是典型的传统办公环境,所有房间都被石膏墙板隔开,格局封闭而不灵活, 色调沉闷。

The space before was a conventional office layout, all rooms are enclosed by gypsum wall and separated from each other, with an overall neutral colour palette.


Flexible and cleverly divided shared office space


The dropped ceiling of the old office was demolished to expose the concrete beams, AC ducts, and lighting conduits. It brightens up the space and creates an industrial look and also visually enlarges the space and feels more open.


The new design opens the space up by using glass partitions and corridors as natural divides between spaces. The Industrial brick wall divides the two offices.

我们为亚太办公室设计了一个 3.6米长的全电缆集成的木桌,粗糙质感的木制储物柜、皮革沙发及桌椅以及工业照明,提供一个恰好容纳小团队的舒适且亲密的工作环境。

In the APAC office, a 3.6m-long wooden table with matching wooden cabinets are complemented by a comfy leather sofa and Industrial Lighting features to create an intimate and comfortable workspace for a small team.


The China office consists of the GM Private Office and an open deck space which can accommodate 40 people. The fixed booth seating creates a more collective working environment. Two different shades of weaved floor create a slick division between table space and corridor.


The lounge area functions as integrated and flexible space for reception, shared working space, and kitchen. A flexible bi-folding door can open completely up to create a large open space for monthly all-team meetings and other gathering activities.


Contrasting between bright colors and industrial tone

Lotus Biscoff的标志性红色被用作空间的主导视觉标识,同时室内也穿插了公司旗下其它品牌如Kiddylicious, Bear和Nakd的标志颜色。活泼的色彩在工业风背景下形成鲜明反差。

Lotus Biscoff red is used largely as the key visual identity while integrating colors from other products such as Kiddylicious, Bear, and Nakd, creating a vivid atmosphere with the backdrop of the industrial tone.


Bespoke chairs and flexible individual sofas in various configurations and colors incorporate brand colors, emphasizing the fun and playful spirit.


The green telephone room at the corner offers a bit more private meeting and workspace.


Artistic details that adopt brand’s DNA

受波普艺术启发的艺术品及装置是由艺术工作室Not Your Type定制设计,并融入了品牌的各类元素。手工制作的线绳艺术装置,作为定制灯具悬挂于办公桌上方,与多彩的品牌风格保持一致。

Pop art inspired pieces were custom created by the art consultant, Not Your Type, which leverages the brands multiple products. String art installations were handmade to align with the colorful brand and were hung above the desks as a custom light fixture.

定制设计的吧台艺术马赛克、地板贴纸和霓虹灯,在空间细节处起到点睛作用,为Lotus Biscoff及旗下品牌创造了一个生动且极富创造力的工作环境。

Art Mosaic, floor stickers and neon lights all were custom-made to all a brand-defining space that creates a dynamic working environment for Lotus Biscoff and its subsidiary brands.