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项目 Project

Craft Society AB InBev Bar Concept 酒吧概念

设计方 Designer


地点 Location

成都 Chengdu


室内设计 Interior Design

首席设计师 Lead Designers

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

设计团队 Design Team

Cai Hua Zhang 张财华 Guo He Yang 国赫洋

年份 Year


面积 Area



Craft Society 精酿酒社

AB InBev Bar Concept 酒吧概念

Craft Society:瓶装酒铺的转型

STUDIO DOHO最新项目Craft Society为AB InBev打造了一个全新的饮酒空间概念。Craft Society不仅是一个酒吧,更是一个专为啤酒爱好者打造的社交空间。这里适合那些不仅欣赏高质量手工啤酒,而且喜欢与朋友分享欢乐的朋友们。

Craft Society旨在吸引年轻时尚的群体,他们希望找到一个放松、舒适的场所,经常可以待上一段时间。这个啤酒空间的目标是让人感觉亲切友好、充满邻里感。由于Craft Society将在中国多个城市推出,因此有一些不可或缺的元素和资产定义了这个饮酒空间的概念。

Craft Society: The transformation of the bottle shop

STUDIO DOHO is unveiling its latest project, Craft Society, a new tap room concept for AB InBev. Rather than just being a bar, Craft Society is a communal space dedicated to beer enthusiasts. It is for those who not only appreciate quality craft beer but also love to share the enjoyment with friends.

Craft Society is intended to attract a young and hip crowd that seek a laidback place where they can frequently can hang-out. The tap room aims to feel approachable and embody a neighborly feeling. As Craft Society is meant to be rolled-out to multiple cities across China, there are certain indispensable elements and assets that define this taproom concept.

首要特点是参考传统街边酒铺的瓶装啤酒冰箱。顾客可以品尝到Budweiser所有的手工啤酒系列以及竞争对手的产品。一排色彩缤纷的冰箱摆放在主墙沿线,供顾客选择各种瓶装啤酒。第二个特点是后方的醒目吧台,为酒吧提供了独特的背景。此外,Craft Society采用最新的生啤技术,自助酒水系统使顾客可以品尝多种啤酒。中央的长高桌子让顾客可以聚集和社交 – 这是社区的核心。天花板上集成了再现酿酒厂的元素,因为并非在每个

The foremost feature are the bottled beer fridges that reference the traditional streetside bottle shop. Customers can enjoy a wide selection of all of Budweiser’s craft beer collection, as well as competitors’ products. A colorful row of refrigerators stocked with a wide variety of bottled beer is situated along the main wall.The second feature is the eye-catching bar in the back of the space that provide a distinct backdrop to the tap room. Moreover, Craft Society makes use of the latest draft beer technology with a self-service tap system that facilitates customers to taste multiple kinds of beer.Long high tables in the center of the space allow customers to gather and socialize – this is the heart of the community.Integrated in the

门店都可以从操作层面上融入真正的酿酒设备。最后,啤酒系列的六种品牌颜色巧妙地融入了整个空间,以微妙的方式反映了这个饮酒空间背后的品牌。时尚的图形和艺术作品增加了饮酒空间的时尚和非正式特色。此外,外面的啤酒花园邀请顾客在户外放松和消磨时间。对于忠实的啤酒爱好者,在入口处可以找到商品以及一些可以带回家的啤酒选择。根据STUDIO DOHO所创建的概念,第一家Craft Society最近在中国成都开业。

ceiling are elements that recreate a brewery feeling as it is will not always possible to incorporate real brewery equipment in every outlet from an operational level.Lastly, the six brand colors of the beer portfolio are integrated throughout the space to subtly reflect the brand behind this taproom. Funky graphics and artwork add to the hip and informal character of the taproom.Additionally, a beer garden outside invites customers to relax and spend time in the open air. For loyal beer enthusiasts, merchandise can be found at the entrance together with a selection of beer to buy and take home.Following the concept that STUDIO DOHO has created, the first Craft Society has recently opened.