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项目 Project

The Amazing Bottle 回收我

甲方 Client

可口可乐 Coca-Cola

设计方 Designer


地点 Location

上海 Shanghai

设计范围 Design Scope

室内设计 Interior Design

首席设计师 Lead Designers

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

设计团队 Design Team

Wendi Zhao 赵文地

年份 Year


面积 Area


摄影 Photography

Brian Chua


The Amazing Bottle 回收我

art installation from recycled Coca-Cola bottles

今天是世界地球日,可口可乐公司的“回收我”(Recycle Me)展览于今日盛大开幕!

Today is the grand opening of Coca-Cola’s 回收我 (Recycle Me) exhibition!

在过去的一个月里,STUDIO DOHO一直致力于探索通过回收瓶(rPET材料)制成的材料进行艺术装置的设计。展览的目的是向大家展示回收瓶的可能性,并鼓励人们把空瓶子带回来。

For the last month STUDIO DOHO has worked on the design of this art installation through the exploration of materials made from recycled bottles (rPET materials). The intent of the exhibition is to show everyone what the possibilities are with recycled bottles and to encourage people to bring back their empty bottles.

空瓶可以被回收到各种各样的材料中。我们的Flower Explosion装置从可口可乐瓶里弹出来,它们也是由rPET材料制成。螺旋装置由透明的方形材料制成,形成一个新的代表可口可乐的渐变色。最后在红树房里,我们展示了可口可乐的精选商品 – 袋子、衣服、雨伞等,这些都是用回收瓶制作而成。

The empty bottles can then be recycled to a wide range of materials. Our Flower Explosion installation pops out of a Coca-Cola bottle and is made from rPET material. The Spiral installation is made of transparent square materials that form a colored spiral representing Coca-Cola’s new gradient color. And finally in our Red Tree room, we show a selection of Coca-Cola merchandise – bags, clothing, umbrellas, etc – that are all made from recycled bottles.

经过几天紧张的现场安装工作,我们很高兴看到展览终于开放给大家。这是一个非常有趣的项目,我们很高兴能有机会与可口可乐中国公司就这样一个鼓舞人心的话题进行合作。我们为我们的团队感到超级自豪,也特别感谢来自NYT (Not Your Type)的Miguel 和Cat,又是一次非常愉快的合作!

After a few intense days of on-site installation with the whole team, we’re happy to see the exhibition is finally open to everyone. It’s been a really fun project and we’re grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Coca-Cola China on such an inspiring topic. Super proud of our team and super special thanks to Miguel and Cat from NYT (Not Your Type), it’s been once again great working together!