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Project 项目

Bhacus Wine & Wood Grill 葡萄酒&木炭烤

Designer 设计方


Location 地点

Wuxing Road, Shanghai 上海吴兴路

Design Scope 设计范围

Interior Designer 室内设计

Lead Designers 首席设计师

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

Design Team 设计团队

Wendi Zhao 赵文地

Year 年份


Area 面积

400 m2

Photography 摄影

Brian Chua


Bhacus Wine & Wood Grill 葡萄酒&木炭烤

我们很高兴地宣布我们最新的餐饮项目Bhacus盛大开业,这是Azul集团在上海开设的一家新餐厅,提供包括木制烧烤食物和葡萄酒的独特用餐体验。空间总面积为450平方米,包括一个大型室外露台、两个私人包间和一个中央开放式厨房,展示厨师们在开放式烧烤架周围的操作。STUDIO DOHO的空间设计重点是为客人营造一个温暖而诱人的氛围,而开放式厨房和中央烤架则提供了一种活力和兴奋感。地板的定制瓷砖图案为餐厅提供了高端背景,而粗糙的混凝土柱和壁灯相结合,营造出一种粗犷而精致的感觉。整个空间的大胆红色调将葡萄酒和火的颜色连接起来,进一步增强了整体氛围。

We are excited to announce the opening of our latest F&B project Bhacus, a new restaurant in Shanghai by Azul Group that offers a unique dining experience featuring wood-fired grill foods and wine. The 450 m² space includes a large outdoor terrace, two private rooms and a central open kitchen that showcases the chefs in action around an open-flame grill.STUDIO DOHO designed the space with a focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers, while the open kitchen and central grill provide a sense of energy and excitement. A custom tile pattern floor was used to provide a premium backdrop for the restaurant, while rough concrete columns and wall lights were incorporated to create a rugged yet sophisticated feel. The bold red accents throughout the space connect the colors of wine and fire, further enhancing the overall ambiance.


The design also paid close attention to the integration of materials that would go well with the grill concept, both functionally and atmospherically. The open kitchen features an open fire grill, which is made from high-quality, heat-resistant materials that can withstand the intense heat of the grill. The dry-aged meat is showcased in a specially designed display case that highlights the natural textures and colors of the meat. In addition, the large, round light fixtures create an intimate setting to enhance the dining experience.A walk-in wine room is another key feature of Bhacus, which allows diners to browse the extensive wine collection and choose a bottle to enjoy with their meal.

藏酒室设计有造形优美的玻璃墙,为葡萄酒爱好者打造一种身临其境的迷人体验。包间提供了更隐蔽的用餐体验,适合特殊场合或商务会议。装饰主墙的定制艺术品为温暖、优雅而舒适的Bhacus氛围空间带来了一丝惊喜。精细的墙面艺术与丰富多彩的美食和Azul Group的悠久遗产紧密相连。


The room is designed with sleek glass walls, which creates an immersive and engaging experience for wine lovers. The private rooms offer a more secluded dining experience, suitable for special occasions or business meetings.Although the mood and atmosphere of Bhacus is one of warmth, elegance and comfort, a touch of surprise is introduced to the space with custom art pieces decorating the main walls. The detailed wall art ties in with the colorful cuisine and the long-standing legacy of Azul Group.Overall, the design of Bhacus is a balanced blend of functionality and layered aesthetics.