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Project 项目

Head in the Clouds 走神

Designer 设计方


Location 地点

MIXC Hongqiao 上海万象城

Design Scope 设计范围

Interior Designer 室内设计

Lead Designers 首席设计师

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

Design Team 设计团队

Amy Yan 严平, Guo He Yang 国赫洋

Year 年份


Area 面积

200 m2

Photography 摄影

Brian Chua


走神 Head in the Clouds


STUDIO DOHO很高兴在此展示其为走神所作的最新设计,这是一个能够唤起白日梦的餐厅概念,专为那些没有迷路的心灵漫游者设计。这家位于上海虹桥万象城的全天候早午餐餐厅是走神的第二家店,第一家店位于上海镇宁路。在STUDIO DOHO,我们相信设计不仅仅是创造美观的空间,更重要的是讲述一个故事。我们将这一信念融入了“走神”设计的各个方面,打造出一个与精心制作的菜肴一样令人难忘的空间。

STUDIO DOHO is thrilled to reveal its latest design for Head in the Clouds, a restaurant concept that evokes daydreams and is intended for mind wanderers who are not lost. This is the second location of this all-day brunch restaurant in the MIXC Hongqiao. Its first restaurant is located on Zhenning Road, Shanghai.At STUDIO DOHO, we believe that design is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also about telling a story. We have infused this belief into every aspect of the Head in the Clouds design, creating a space that is as unforgettable as the curated dishes served within it.


As you step into Head in the Clouds, you’ll be transported into an abstract space with different levels, steps and all sorts of nooks. The palette is simple: grey, beige tones combined with an explicit white tile pattern. But the layout with the central bar and the stepped ceiling are the spatial compositions that give the space a dynamic feeling. To further enhance the spatial experience, we have created a tiered ceiling that steps up to give you a sense of movement and depth. The variation in both ceiling heights and seating heights create a change of scale and adds playfulness to the space. Also, the self-service water tap is a fun little feature to invite customers to engage.


The main highlight is the orange pipe structure that hovers above the bar, representing our erratic thought pattern when we let our minds wander. At the same time, it provides work lighting and is also a reference to the piping of their craft soda, a feature product of Head in the Clouds. The craft sodas can be ordered directly through the fold-up window. To give you a sense of comfort, we have created a green oasis in the center of the bench seat. It provides the space freshness and a natural contrast with the orange tones of the pipe. The walls are intended to be minimalistic and we have retained the original structure where possible to keep a raw touch.