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Project 项目

Zhou Hei Ya 周黑鸭

Designer 设计方


Location 地点

Across China 中国大陆不同地点

Design Scope 设计范围

Store Identity Design SI 设计

Lead Designers 首席设计师

Xin Dogterom, Jason Holland

Design Team 设计团队

Suchen 苏晨

Year 年份


Area 面积

12-20 m2

摄影 Photography

Brian Chua


Zhou Hei Ya 周黑鸭

STUDIO DOHO近期与知名国民小食品牌周黑鸭合作, 为其进行全方位的视觉及空间品牌设计提升,同时STUDIO DOHO特别编制一本设计指南,之后将作为设计准则应用于周黑鸭所有全国店铺的升级。

STUDIO DOHO has recently collaborated with existing brand Zhou Hei Ya, a well-known national snack brand, to refresh their store identity (SI) and Visual identity (VI). Meanwhile, STUDIO DOHO has compiled a special roll-out book as design guidelines for renovating the brand’s existing stores across China.

周黑鸭在全国有约2000家不同类型的店面,为此我们在新店面的设计中确定了四种类型的模块店:标准店(开放式),窗口店(封闭式),中岛店及商亭店。基于这些模块,STUDIO DOHO创建了一本为品牌量身定制的店面设计手册,详细阐释不同规格的店面需要的零售模块部件,为品牌未来所有的店铺类型提供了全面详尽的设计指南。

Zhou Hei Ya has approximately 2000 store locations across China, each with special situations to consider. STUDIO DOHO identified four main types of modular stores for the new space and store design: standard store (open), window store (closed), island store, and kiosk store.Based on these modules, STUDIO DOHO prepared a Store Identity (SI) book and explained the retail fixtures needed to create the elements, which will serve as a comprehensive and detailed design guide for all future stores of the brand.


Additionally, moving neon light is invented to highlight the special fresh-keeping packaging technology. We also invented a display strategy with a customized internal shelf for the products to be more eye-catching. It helps customers see the variety of the products and encourage them to try more flavours.We hope to take this design opportunity to help the brand expand its influence but also keep budget-conscious in mind.Currently, the promotion of Zhou Hei Ya’s new brand and store identity is ongoing across the whole country.