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we are hiring

Junior Architects / Junior interior Designers
We are urgently looking for full-time Junior Architects or Junior Interior Designers to join our growing team.  You will have the opportunity to work on fast-paced interior projects from concept design through construction. This is a great opportunity to work on a small team and gain experience building projects.
Job Requirements:
· 1-3 years of experience in architecture related office
· Preferred Software:  AutoCad, Rhino, Adobe Suite
· Experience working on interior projects
· Able to work independently on design projects
· Proficiency is Chinese is required (speaking and reading), proficiency in English is a plus
Please send a CV and portfolio (max 10mb) to:
初级建筑师 / 室内设计师招聘
我们正在寻找全职初级建筑师加入我们的团队. 从概念设计到施工, 你将有机会在快节奏的室内项目中工作. 这是一个很好的机会, 你可以在一个小团队工作,获得丰富的项目设计经验.
- 1-3年建筑设计相关工作经验
- 首选软件:AutoCAD, RHINOCEROS (犀牛), Adobe Suite
- 室内设计经验
- 能够独立完成设计项目
- 优先考虑可以中英文沟通的候选人

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