Brash is punk-infused barbershop and tattoo studio in Shanghai, China.  An alternative lifestyle conceptdefined by a raw material palette and exposed structure of the orginal structure, creates the hip new space.

The layout divides the space into 3 key areas; reception, barber area and tattoo area.  The space and program provided a unique opportunity to introduce angled barber stations that create a private area for customers and focus the reception towards the main storefront.  The tattoo area is located in the back third of the store.  A movable glass partition divides the barber area and the tattoo area, which is closed during normal operation to meet hygiene standards, but can be opened and served as a bar during events.

The client required flexibility of the space to be a key factor, as pop-up events are a common occurrence.  In response the designers created movable barber stations that can create distinct areas during normal business, but can be easily removed when the space is hosting an event.