Bistro 2555, named after its address in Shanghai, is a Scandinavian cafe located in the redeveloped West Bund Art District of the city. The industrial space served as the first airport and runway in Shanghai and is now marked as Heritage Architecture. The original airplane hangar remains and has been refurbished into an international event space hosting premium fashion shows, conferences and product launches in a modern, industrial setting.

The cafe is adjacent to the large airplane hangar and serves as the sole F&B provider for events, as well as daily restaurant service for the public. Specializing in Smorrebrød, which is a Danish-style open-faced sandwich, the cafe features a central concrete counter and an open kitchen allowing the chefs to be on display. A private tasting room also serves VIP guests and provides meeting room/work space during events.

The "Vintage Aviator" design blends simple Scandinavian design with the rich aviation history of the site. A white, modern industrial feel drives the project with replica airplane propellers on the wall, custom shared tables and aviator style soft furnishings.